Privacy Poicy

The following policy describes how Rate My Land will collect, use, and disclose the various types of data on the Rate My Land website. Rate My Land was created for private property owners with their best interests in mind. Participating property owners choose how much location information they would like to share with Rate My Land and the Rate My Land website users. The only identifying location data that Rate My Land requires a landowner who is going to submit survey results to Rate My Land is a state and county.

Rate My Land will collect non-personally identifying data from website users. This non-personally identifying information is the type of data collected by many websites; such as, the website the user came from, the users browser type, date and time of each visitor, and how often buttons or pages were visited. The collection of this information is referred to as usage tracking and we do it to better understand how you and other Rate My Land users are navigating the website or to discover if there are problems with the website. Rate My Land may disclose this non-identifying data in a batch, with no ties to specific users, to communicate user trends.

Rate My Land invites users to submit personally identifying data, such as, but not limited to, an email address, a biography, home address, and phone number, to provide the users with services on the website. Rate My Land also collects a user’s IP address. We will not voluntarily disclose this information. Requesting this type of sensitive information is common for websites incorporating user profiles and social media interactions. Rate My Land may elect to invite users to submit credit/debit card information to provide users more advanced services on the website. Users may decline to share some or all of this information, but they may forfeit some of the actions available to them on the website. Rate My Land will not disclose this personally-identifying information except as described below.


Disclosure of personally identifying information to Rate My Land will be in the sole discretion of the user and user generated. Rate My Land will not display information on the publicly accessible website that was not actively provided by the user by filling out a table field (i.e. username). The administrators as well as programmers and consultants hired by Rate My Land to work on the website will have access to the personally identifying information submitted by the users. Rate My Land staff will not disclose or sell this data to others. Rate My Land will attempt to require our third parties to whom we provide personal information to comply with our privacy policies, we cannot guarantee their compliance Rate My Land staff and contractors may reside in a country different that the user. Other exceptions include rare circumstances where we would be required by law to comply with a legal requirement, such as a law, regulation, search warrant, subpoena, or court order; or a circumstance in which we believe in good faith there is a threat to the physical security of you or others.

One more way we reserve the right to disclose information is if you, the user, emails us or in any other way submits a message regarding a question, concern, or problem. We reserve the right to publish the substance of that message without personally identifying information (unless the user has granted us consent for personally identifying information) on the website to help us support other users and address similar concerns. Any registered users of Rate My Land who have submitted their email address could receive occasional emails from Rate My Land to solicit feedback or to announce new features. Rate My Land would rather use social media tools to communicate new features, so we will strive to limit emails sent to registered users.

We reserve the right to revise our Privacy Statement at any time at our discretion. Changes to our Privacy Statement will become effective upon posting to our Website. If you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy or our website, please contact us as follows: E-mail: // Letter: Rate My Land 1331 Atkins Rd. Petoskey, MI 49770