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30 Reasons for a Biological Survey

Rating your land is having your land surveyed for its biodiversity. Knowing nature is a vital step to conserving nature. We can begin to know nature when we first find out what is on the land with a survey. So, surveys lead to knowing. Here are 30 other reasons why surveys of the creatures on your land are valuable. Have other ideas?

What Are Invasive Plants?: Defining Invasive

Calling something a weed is rather ambiguous. One person’s weed is another’s vegetable, medicine, or ornamental. A weed is something that gets smoked, or pulled, admired, or cursed. They are the plants unintentionally spread by an array of creatures or avoided by grazers. When we call a plant an “invasive”, we need a stricter definition than “weed”.

Thoughts on native grasses

Your mental image of a grassland may be a vast expanse of land with few or no trees. Maybe you’re picturing a tall-grass prairie someplace in Illinois, a short-grass prairie sweeping somewhere across northern Texas, or maybe the hayfield just of out of town.