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No Fish Allowed

Snow melts into spring puddles, but not all puddles are equal. Some will awaken or draw in a rich diversity of wildlife. With diversity comes some unique creatures, from salamanders to small crustaceans, like the fairy shrimp, which depend on these specialized puddles to live. These pools of water can be small in size, as a puddle, or large, like a pond. They are generally temporary, drying up by mid- to late summer, and do not have an inlet or outlet—the snowmelt and/or rainwater are the keys to starting up this annual, temporal ecological community.

Thoughts on native grasses

Your mental image of a grassland may be a vast expanse of land with few or no trees. Maybe you’re picturing a tall-grass prairie someplace in Illinois, a short-grass prairie sweeping somewhere across northern Texas, or maybe the hayfield just of out of town.