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Neighborhood Conservation

There is money out there and available to landowners undertaking wildlife and land management. There are organizations, from federal agencies to non-profits and private foundations that would like to give you money to manage your land’s flora and fauna. The problem is that on their own, an individual landowner doesn’t have the capacity to meet the insurances these organizations need before they can offer their support. So why go it alone? Landowner cooperatives or alliances are exciting possibilities that are helping landowners and providing them with more opportunities.

30 Reasons for a Biological Survey

Rating your land is having your land surveyed for its biodiversity. Knowing nature is a vital step to conserving nature. We can begin to know nature when we first find out what is on the land with a survey. So, surveys lead to knowing. Here are 30 other reasons why surveys of the creatures on your land are valuable. Have other ideas?

Federal List of Endangered and Threatened Species: Recovery Plans

The biologists at the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) are the people who compile all of the known data about a species, which is used to determine if the species should be listed as Endangered or Threatened, or not at all, on the Federal List of Endangered and Threatened Species. They write the recovery plans and subsequent status reviews for getting the species back to sustainable population levels. These plans describe the current known locations, ranges, and population sizes of the species at the known locations. In addition, the plans outline the threats that the species face at local sites and across their range.

Helpful Links For Your Land Projects

Finding information on the internet can be trying. One link leads to another and before you know it, an hour has passed and you’re too tired to read the article that you’ve found (maybe that’s just me). Maybe you find that there are so many helpful (or at least interesting) websites that your list of bookmarked sites has grown long.