Helpful Links For Your Land Projects

Finding information on the internet can be trying. One link leads to another and before you know it, an hour has passed and you’re too tired to read the article that you’ve found (maybe that’s just me). Maybe you find that there are so many helpful (or at least interesting) websites that your list of bookmarked sites has grown long.

I can’t solve these dilemmas—there is not one website that will be master of everything land and nature, but hopefully this post, and eventually this blog, can help. We are still figuring out just what the blog at Rate My Land will entail and how it will help you, the landowner. One place RML can start is to direct you to sites that are already providing good information addressing several topics in one place. Here are two:

The Stewardship Network (TSN):

·  Geared towards the Midwest and Northeast

·  Acts as catalyst and framework for collaborative local, but regionally tied, conservation

·  Has a growing searchable database of a broad selection of conservation topics

YardMap Network (The Cornell Lab):

·  Nationwide, but started in the northeast

·  Encourages back-and front-yard habitat creation and conservation

·  Resources primarily focus on birds, but articles address a wide variety of topics that will help you add or conserve biodiversity on your land.

This is a good place to comment on what a website can do for you. They can inspire creativity, trigger an idea, and, in some cases, provide instructions for the Do-It-Yourselfer. But there are limits; there isn’t a website that will identify all of your plants for you (yet), so remember to connect with a professional consultant and get right to it! Whether you did a project on your own or you worked with a consultant, share your success stories here with the RML community. Write to