30 Reasons for a Biological Survey

Rating your land is having your land surveyed for its biodiversity. Knowing nature is a vital step to conserving nature. We can begin to know nature when we first find out what is on the land with a survey. So, surveys lead to knowing. Here are 30 other reasons why surveys of the creatures on your land are valuable. Have other ideas? Email them to ratemyland at gmail.com, and I'll add them to the list.

  1. 1. Know the names of the plants and animals
  2. 2. Can make management decisions with well informed choices
  3. 3. Creates a baseline of information
  4. 4. Can evaluate your actions
  5. 5. Provide information for a management plan
  6. 6. Discover what is rare and unique on your land
  7. 7. Help market your land by listing what it has/supports
  8. 8. Know what is not there to help you develop targets
  9. 9. Know what type of habitats are present
  10. 10. Know which habitats you might need to restore or create
  11. 11. Enables goal or priority setting
  12. 12. Identify specific, sensitive or special places
  13. 13. Discover provisional, utilitarian resources
  14. 14. Have a better understanding and more complete story of your land
  15. 15. Feel a greater connection to the land
  16. 16. Add to knowledge on species’ distributions
  17. 17. Contribute to other biological studies
  18. 18. Help the broader conservation community gather more data and make more informed choices
  19. 19. Useful for nature tourism
  20. 20. Discover species that make you eligible to receive financial or technical assistance
  21. 21. Tool to helping you better care for your land
  22. 22. Help make sure common species remain common
  23. 23. Know the threats (pests) that exist on your land
  24. 24. Build the foundation to conservation
  25. 25. See if your goals are being met
  26. 26. Track changes over time
  27. 27. Prevent the listing of species on the Endangered Species Act by detecting new occurrences
  28. 28. Speed a species recovery (delisting) by detecting new occurrences
  29. 29. Learn if your land could support a rare species being re-introduced into the wild
  30. 30. Post a score on Rate My Land's website!

Check out this short video about why you should "rate" your land.