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We welcome ideas, questions, and suggestions for ways that we can make RML a better resource. Share your story with us. Rate My Land is about knowing nature to conserve nature and it is about moving from rating landscapes to restoring them.

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Rate My Land is dedicated to helping private landowners. We aim to connect you with the professionals that have the answers and expertise you seek. We hope you will find valuable tips or techniques to take with you as you care for your land. Our desire is to foster a social norm for conservation and to popularize biodiversity surveys. At RML, we believe the landowners are the best people to be engaged in this endeavor and that is why we are private landowner advocates. We hope you will consider joinging and supporting this community.

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Rate My Land is run as a for-profit business, but it is a social venture, managed and upkept as a hobby, passion, and privledge; financial assitance is needed for major improvements. Rate My Land will earn money from the participating biological consultants. We have lots of ideas and more potential that will be possible only with additional financial support and backing. If you share our vision and you too can see how RML can help make this world a better place, please consider giving, not for the tax deduction, but for the creatures living on private land.