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Biological consultants have specialized training and experience to identify the creatures living on or using your land. Consultants can assist you with the management of your land and answer your natural resource questions.

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Yellowfield Biological Surveys: David Schmoller

P. O. Box 1774, Woodruff, WI 54568

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  • Plant Diversity
  • Wetland Delineation
  • Biological Assessments
  • Threatened & Endangered Species Surveys
  • Invasive Species Management
  • Urbanscapes Diversity

  • What is a RML Survey?

    Rate My Land connects landowners with consultants

    Rate My Land surveys are inventories documenting what is living or growing on privately held properties. While the score is shared with the RML community, the findings are for the landowner, providing them with a baseline for which to follow their property into the future and to know their property more intimately in the present.

    The RML survey scores are primarily influenced by the number of species found at a site but the surveys also measure the threats faced by the creatures found on the land, such as fragmentation and invasive species.



    Considering a consultant?

    Why you may want or need a biological consultant

    • You have a natural resource question.
    • You would like an experienced person to help you problem solve or come up with a solution.
    • You need someone with the special training, licensing, and equipment to work on your land (i.e. remove invasive species).
    • You have regulatory requirements and forms that must be met and completed in order to do something on your land. Seek a consultant who is familiar with the respective permits and forms.
    • You would like a Rate My Land assessment—only consultants can submit RML scores.

    What to expect with a RML Survey?

    Let the consultant know you want a RML survey!

    Each consultant will determine their own service fees. You can choose to have an exhaustive survey completed or a less extensive snapshot of your property’s biodiversity. Some consultants will offer to provide maps, information about invasive species, management recomendations, and/or reports with varying levels of detail. Discuss your goals with your consultant and find a price and thoroughness that works best for you!