Rate My Land is an online social network for private landowners to connect with biologists, find land management resources, or learn something about biodiversity.


Rate My Land is first and foremost a tool to engage and to be used by private landowners. Rate My Land is rooted in people power; when many people come together in community, great things can happen. What are some of the great things that can come from this community? How about new information about a species' location and distribution or its population status. How about nearby landowners joining together to maintain a wildlife corridor. How about the establishment of a new incentive to conserving land rather than subdividing and developing it. How about a landowner knowing the name of the plant that grows in their back woodlot or a biologist saying several years from now that the dramatic pace of species loss has been slowed.


Rate My Land started out as a desire to develop a tool to assess or measure the health of land by incorporating multiple different variables. It grew into a desire to reach and engage private landowners. The ideas were turned over and over until an Indiegogo (an online crowdsourcing fundraiser website) campaign kicked things off in January 2014. The website was built throughout the ensuing year and went live December 2014. Many people have helped in making this website happen—all of the Indiegogo supporters, and especially, Scott Namestnik with advice, Adrienne Shiels with design, and Jeff Courter who gave RML the chance to fly.

For those who enjoy reading or are just curious souls, below is a link to a white paper (not peer-reviewed nor published) that was written to explain the why, how, and some of the what of Rate My Land in more detail than can be found elsewhere on the site. Enjoy!